Dan Seeger to Speak at FWCC Regional Gathering


Dan Seeger, former director of Pendle Hill and former executive secretary of the New York Region of the American Friends Service committee, will be the keynote speaker at the Northeastern Regional Gathering of Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas, Oct. 13–15, 2006. Friends from New York, Philadelphia, New England, and eastern Canada are invited to gather at Purchase Meeting to focus on the theme Being a Friend in Today’s World. (One does not have to be associated with FWCC to participate.) Additional discussion leaders will be Laura Rediehs of St. Lawrence University, assistant clerk of the Friends Association for Higher Education, and Newton Garver of Buffalo Meeting, a member of the FWCC/SOA Executive Committee. Local Friends will be asked to provide overnight hospitality. Childcare will be available. The cost of the weekend is $70 for adults, $40 for children under 12.

The Regional Gathering is hosted on a rotation basis by the FWCC committees of the four Yearly Meetings in the Region. For more information, contact Judith Inskeep, rjiskeep [at] earthlink.net; Newton Garver, garver [at] acsu.buffalo.edu; or Fred Dettmer, fdettmer [at] aol.com.