Donations to Prison Families of New York

Friends who plan to attend Quarterly Meeting on November 4th may wish to contribute to Prison Families of New York by bringing items from the following list:

Good paperbacks for ages 8-18;
packets of crayons;
coloring/activities books for children under 7;
baby wipes, disposable diapers and clothing for infants;
mini-size toiletries (for $1.00 at K-Mart, CVS, etc.), tooth brushes for mothers and teenagers.

Substantial clothing of good quality and in clean condition, including jackets, boots, hats and mittens/gloves. (Thrift shops are a good source of these items. Wool and fleece garments are preferable to polyester.)

Alison and Cecily Coleman will have room in their car for boxes and bags to take back and save donors the expense of mailing. If there is an overflow, Housatonic will ship it.

Many thanks
Housatonic Peace & Social Action Committee