MMNA (Meeting the Minimum Needs of All)

Pot luck and worship sharing at Purchase Meeting
Wednesday, June 21, 2006, 6:30 PM

The following minute was approved at the spring session of Yearly Meeting:

“Friends share a concern about meeting the minimum needs of all people, which we define to be:

  • providing adequate drinking water
  • nutrition
  • clothing
  • housing
  • primary health care


five years of primary education, to be achieved by the year 2030. Friends are advised to raise the issue on all occasions where it is possible to influence individuals, groups, and organizations. We charge our Clerk and General Secretary to make a special effort to speak about this issue with regional, national, and international groups. We encourage Radh Achuthan* to continue his ministry on this issue under his existing travel minute.”

Monthly and regional meetings are asked to take this matter into worship and engage with it, not to become overburdened by responsibility, but to see whether we are led by the Spirit to a new understanding. We will send a summary of our responses to the YM Witness Coordinating Committee. We invite you to come and participate (even without bringing food—there will be sufficient).

*member of Peconic Bay Meeting, the originator of this concern

Questions? Judy Inskeep, 914-949-6094,