New Book From Leading Quaker Magazine Champions Alternatives to Fighting Terror

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 13 /U.S. Newswire/ — Five years after 9/11, Americans are growing weary of approaches to fighting terrorism that only seem to heighten bloodshed and fear, rather than healing wounds and forging unity. Friends Journal, the leading Quaker magazine, has released an important volume of principled responses to the threat of terrorism, titled “Answering Terror: Responses to War and Peace after 9/11/01.”

Quakers, who for centuries have been defined to the world by their pacifist refusal to take up arms, responded to Sept. 11 with an astonishing diversity of thought. Over a period of several years, through the pages of Friends Journal, a frank and spirited dialogue developed about appropriate reactions to evil and violence in the world. “Answering Terror” chronicles that dialogue.

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