New DVD to Library

We have a new DVD titled “Searching for Peace in the Middle East,” a film by Landrum Bolling.

Following is the description on the DVD:

“Searching for Peace in the Middle East” is a vivid and compassionate portrayal al the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Through the voices of Israelis and Palestinians of diverse backgrounds, it explores in a compelling way a common yearning for peace, pointing the way toward a resolution of this tragic conflict that would meet the deepest needs of both societies, and it calls for new American diplomatic leadership.”

It also includes interviews with 12 different people.

Landrum Bolling, a veteran peace maker and President Emeritus of Earlham College, has had a distinguished career as an informed advisor to world leaders and as a peace advocate. A former Director of the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem, he has deep ties to the Middle East. In 2000, he and Senator George Mitchell won the Peacemaker/Peace Building Award from the National Peace Foundation. He is a Senior Advisor at Mercy Corps and a Director of the Foundation for Middle East Peace.