Prayer Vigil for Newtown, CT, and All Those Impacted By This Event

Dear Friends

The tragic murder of twenty-six people, most of them small children, has rocked our yearly meeting and our nation. Many of us are coping with grief, shock, horror, outrage, and feelings of helplessness in the face of such pernicious evil. No matter where we turn, we are confronted by the sorrow and the helplessness and the questions. Our hearts are torn open, and we look to God for answers, for peace, for comfort.

It is hard not to be overcome by this tidal wave of distress. It threatens to sweep us off our moorings, to cause us to lose sight of what we know of God, of love, and of the power of healing.

Yet there also is the ocean of Light, welling up within us and between us, God’s healing presence. With that sense of God’s presence and healing power comes the resolve to stand fast despite the undertow. And there alongside us are our friends, our own loved ones, and the Friends with whom we share worship, fellowship, and testimony.

In the face of this latest horror, what can we do but turn toward that Light within, join hands with those beside us, and offer ourselves to God’s work for peace, in prayer and with renewed determination?

We invite Friends everywhere to join us in prayer for those who lost their lives, for those who love them, for our nation, and for God’s guidance. There will be a prayer vigil this Wednesday, December 19th starting at 8:00 Eastern Time at Wilton Monthly Meeting in Connecticut. All who are able to attend are welcome to attend to support Friends from Wilton and other meetings in the area. If you are unable to attend, please do join us in prayer at that time, wherever you may be, whether by yourself or with other local Friends.


In God’s Abiding Love,

Jeff Hitchcock, clerk
Christopher Sammond, general secretary
New York Yearly Meeting