QiN Update

From Glenn over at Quaker in the News:

We find the the UK-based Joseph Rowntree Trust has funded a report exposing corruption in Tony Blair’s Labour Party, strangely mentioning ‘Quaker’ next to Rowntree only in U.S. news. And, a story in the LA Times asks us: Why Americans keep going back to the founding fathers as theirs was the vision of ultimate truth, where ‘Quaker’ Laws were obviously different than those created by the founders.

There’s a new link on the QiN Hompage (http:qinhome.blogspot.com) to Col. Daniel Smith’s – The Quakers’ Colonel – weblog.

There wasn’t a most-widely reported story this period, but two stories in the New York Times, an international newspaper, reported on two eastern U.S. Quaker meetinghouses which are dealing with the inability for their (declining) memberships to maintain their buildings on their own. One of the two meetinghouses is the 2nd oldest in the United States, built in 1694. In the same vein, Friends might find ominous or humorous an article just below the previous two on the web page, with the splashy news announcement: “Quaker Meetinghouse to be open on Sundays” .

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