Visit to a Prison within a Prison by Robin Lloyd

This is an excerpt from an article Robin wrote on her site Toward Freedom.

Robin Lloyd, videographer, peace activist and chair of the Toward Freedom board, recently spent three months in prison for ‘crossing the line’ (committing civil disobedience) at the School of the Americas (renamed WHINSEC – Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) ) at Fort Benning, Georgia. She says “the setting of the Danbury Prison Camp in rural Connecticut is beautiful, the food was OK, and meeting a lot of new people was enlightening, but encountering the prison-industrial complex up close and personal was awesomely upsetting.

What types of indignities and humiliations do Americans consider as human rights abuses? Overcrowding? Overzealous incarceration? Lack of medical care? Or do we have to have a case of prison officials pulling out someone’s fingernails before Americans protest this gulag in our midst? Below is an article Robin wrote about her last days in prison.

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