Washington Quaker Workcamp Position


Job description and position available February 2008

Washington Quaker Workcamps was founded in 1986 and is a program of William Penn House. The Coordinator plans and leads about 40 Workcamps each year. The Workcamps include working in distressed hamlets of West Virginia, reconstruction work in New Orleans, helping the elderly of Washington, DC remain in their homes through rehabilitation of those homes, serving as partners with other DC social service agencies that provide meals and services for the homeless, rehabilitation of city parks and working with public and private schools to address issues of poverty and privilege. Many Workcamps fill an entire week, some are for a weekend. The Workcamp participants include adults, upper and middle school students from a broad spectrum of faiths and traditions.

The position is full time and permanent. The responsibilities include the following:

  • Overall supervision of the Washington Quaker Workcamp’s (WQW) programs and activities.
  • Strategic involvement in fund raising
  • Develop and manage the WQW budget and coordinate the WQW fundraising efforts.
  • Coordinating Workcamps activities to include:
    • Setting up and leading Workcamps.
    • Coordinating service projects for Workcamps.
    • Supervising home repair projects.
    • Arranging guests speakers and workshops
    • Establishing the spiritual and service learning framework for the Workcamps.
  • Marketing Workcamps to Quakers and other constituents.
  • Supervising intern(s).
  • Serving as part of the William Penn House senior staff and providing support to other staff as needed.
  • Representing William Penn House and Washington Quaker Workcamps throughout the broader Quaker community.
  • Collaborating with Program Coordinator on outreach and program planning.

  • The candidate should have the following qualifications:

    • Experience in youth education or youth development, especially experiential education or service-learning programs.
    • Basic familiarity with construction and home repair work.
    • Ability to think creatively and work independently, and to inspire others.
    • A strong commitment to social justice and the Quaker social testimonies of integrity, simplicity, equality, peace, and community.
    • Familiarity with computer applications including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and desktop publishing.
    • Experience as a youth leader desirable.
    • College degree or equivalent experience.

    This is a full time position. Benefits include:

    1. Competitive salary based on experience.
    2. Health insurance.
    3. Paid annual and sick leave.
    4. Opportunities for professional development.
    5. Contribution to retirement account.
    6. Participation with the broader world of Friends.
    7. Residence at William Penn House may be provided.

    Since this is a faith based organization:

    • Preference will be given to members or attenders of the three traditional peace churches; Quakers, Brethren and Mennonites.
    • The coordinator will participate fully in the spiritual life of the William Penn House.
    • This individual should understand the spiritual traditions of the Religious Society of Friends.

    To apply, send resume, cover letter, and three references to:

    Byron Sandford

    Executive Director

    William Penn House
    515 East Capitol St., SE (202)543.5560

    Washington, DC 20003
    fax: (202)543.3814