Bringing EYES WIDE OPEN back to NY/NJ

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AFSC’S Eyes Wide Open: New York & new jersey STATE-WIDE EXHIBIT is available to come to your community.

Since the 500th death of a U.S. soldier in Iraq, AFSC has toured the exhibit, Eyes Wide Open – the Human Cost of War, throughout the country. This nationally acclaimed exhibit presents over 2,300 boots to represent each member of the U.S. Armed Forces killed in the war along with civilian shoes representing the thousands of Iraqi civilians who have died.

To reflect on the human cost of war to our local communities, AFSC in the New York metropolitan region has developed two state-wide exhibits, for New York and New Jersey, that focus on those from our area killed in the war.

We invite you to host Eyes Wide Open

This exhibit offers the opportunity for communities to reflect on and to engage in dialogue about the war in Iraq and its impact on individuals, families, and neighborhoods.

This state-wide exhibit can be installed in a broad range of venues.  Other states have held exhibits on college campuses, at churches, in community centers, in business districts, and in city and neighborhood parks.

These are some considerations for organizations interested in hosting the exhibit:

  • Securing an indoor or outdoor site with 2000 square feet of space
  • Enlisting 10 – 40 volunteers for installation, outreach and event coordination
  • Ability to transport the exhibit to the site

For more information please contact Nicole Cousino,
Exhibit Coordinator, at 212-598-0957 or

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