Call for used shoe donations from Friends Meetings

AFSC in New York is developing a regional-scale version of the nationally acclaimed exhibit, Eyes Wide Open.  It will be comprised of boots to represent the soldiers from New York and New Jersey who have died in the war and 100 pairs of shoes to represent the many many Iraqi civilians who have been killed.  The exhibit will also include display panels with information about both the human and economic cost of the war to this region.

We are in need of donations of 100 pairs of shoes to represent the Iraqi civilian casualties.  The shoes will each be tagged with the individual’s name and age so we need a range of sizes of men’s, women’s and children shoes.

We need to have the shoes at 15 Rutherford Place by April 27th so that we have sufficient time to tag them before our first event.  Donations should be delivered to our office near Union Square or we could make arrangements to pick them up at some central Friends Meeting Houses.

This region-wide exhibit will be available to organizations interested in hosting it in their communities.  For more information please contact Nicole Cousino at AFSC, 212-598-0957 or

Friends, If you can donate shoes, please let Nicole Cousino know how many pairs you will send.  There should be about 1/3 men’s, 1/3 women’s and 1/3 children’s – and varying sizes and stages of wear.  Think Iraq.  Once we have commitments for 100 shoes we will let others know that we have enough.  We may come back to you in the future, but 100 is the limit for now.

Peace, Anne Wright

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