Eyes Wide Open Returns – Oct. 11-23

Eyes Wide Open
October 11 – October 23, 2005
Manhattan – Brooklyn – Newark

Eyes Wide Open is Returning to the New York Metropolitan area.

Eyes Wide Open is a powerful memorial exhibition about the human costs of war, sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee, which has been shown in over 65 cities across the United States. It memorializes the individual human beings whose lives have been lost in the Iraq War, while also drawing attention to overall the human costs of all wars.

Eyes Wide Open consists of more than 1800 pairs of empty combat boots, representing each US soldier who has died in the Iraq War and over 2000 ordinary shoes, representing a portion of the Iraqi civilians who have lost their lives.

Where and When
Eyes Wide Open will be in the New York area October 11-23. Some sites are still being confirmed.

    October 11-14: Manhattan: Cathedral of St. John the Divine
    October 16: Brooklyn
    October 18-20: Newark, New Jersey
    October 22-23: Manhattan

Spread the word!
Tell your neighbors, family, and friends about the Eyes Wide Open.
Call us at 212-598-0961 for promotional flyers and postcards.
Check out the website at www.afsc.org/eyes where you can download flyers

We need volunteers
AFSC needs hundreds of volunteers to make this event a success. We need help with publicity, setting up and taking down the exhibition, welcoming visitors and answering their questions, assisting the organizers at the AFSC office in New York. We also welcome school groups, peace organizations, and community organizations who want to volunteer together. If you would like to volunteer, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 212-598-0963 or write to eyes.ny@afsc.org.

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