Powell House: Quilting From The Center

Quilting From The Center
Kathy Greenwold, Anne Pomeroy, Anita Paul 2/6/2009-2/8/2009

Do you sense a connection between your creativity and your spirituality? This is a weekend for all – to explore this connection through quilting. We will center, quilt, worship and quilt some more. We delight in working with new and experienced quilters; men and women; Quakers and non-Quakers and artists who would like to explore textiles. We will be working with fabric and stitches, needles and machines, no rules and maximum creativity. Bring your stash, your machine, your rotary cutting supplies,embellishments, and what have you. If you don’t know what any of that means, come anyway. This will be a time of creativity and prayer: what could be better?

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Register by January 20th.

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