State of the Meeting Queries

This is the time of year when we pause to reflect on our spiritual health—where we are as a meeting, our vision of where we’d like to be, and stating our intentions for growth in being faithful to the Divine. – from NYYM

At the rise of meeting for worship on January 4, 2009, we will continue in worship sharing format to address the queries for the State of the Meeting report. There will be a potluck following the worship sharing.

  1. How does love manifest itself in your meeting, in your communities and in the world?
  2. Does the spirit of worship extend into our committee work and into meeting for worship with a concern for business?
  3. What efforts are you making to reach out to people in your community and grow your meeting?  Is advancement a priority?
  4. Especially in this time of economic uncertainty, are you taking stock of the meeting’s financial health and planning for ways to help those in need?

For more information about the State of the Society report visit NYYM.

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