Sucessful Meeting work day! A few jobs still to be done…

Dear Friends,

This past FIrst Day a lot of energy with good spirit was expended as we cleaned, raked, scrubbed, dusted, vacuumed, sorted and organized. Outdoors we got everything in order for the winter and indoors we did our first thorough cleaning of the meetinghouse in a year. Many thanks are extended to Larry, Laura, Jim, Ro, Madeline, Jack, Pat, Cathy, Tom, Lauri, Richard, Alex, and Katie!

There are still a few indoor jobs to be done to complete our cleaning of the meetinghouse. Friends are invited to stop by anytime and help finish the remaining tasks. A list of jobs is posted on the bulletin board by the piano. Those still needing to be done are marked with blue arrows. The vacuum is in the upstairs closet and cleaning supplies are located on floor of the small closet off the conference room. Call Pat if you have questions.

In Friendship,
Pat and Jim

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